About us

About us

Green Hornet CBD stands for best quality, fair prices, innovation and lifestyle. Our main goal is to bring the benefits of CBD to our customers at the highest level.

Unfortunately, the hemp plant is still very discredited in most societies and this is exactly what we want to change. We believe that Full Spectrum CBD is suitable for almost everyone and of course we do not want to deprive you of the unique effects of this medicinal plant. With the expertise of our specialists and experts, we will convince you that CBD can be used in every household.

We are proud to be able to provide products for all demands of life and to be able to do so with highest organic vegan quality.

Our Full Spectrum Oil

Quality begins with the selection of hemp seeds, because not every strain thrives equally well in any soil or any climate zone. That is why we choose different hemp strains for the respective season.

We only use EU-certified seeds.

After the exquisite flowers have been harvested, the full spectrum of cannabinoids is extracted by applying pressurized carbon dioxide, thus the first step towards the final product is done.

Of course all our products contain Full Spectrum CBD anstatt CBD Konzentrat, um der Pflanze die volle Entfaltung ihrer Wirkung zu erlauben.

Our Buds

For optimal quality, we also take into account all other conditions that the plant needs to grow. At Green Hornet CBD all seeds are cultivated in biological soil and no pesticides are used.

Our specialists in Austria work around the clock to ensure perfect lighting and watering of our precious plants. Every single hemp plant is closely monitored to ensure best possible flowering, in order for it to meet our quality standards.

CBD Extraction

Green Hornet CBD uses only carbon dioxide extraction, as this method guarantees a pure and high quality product. Other processes such as dry ice extraction and solvent extraction are out of the question for us. Furthermore the carbon dioxide process, though being technically complex and expensive, is the safest way to manufacture a perfect CBD product. Being able to harness this technique, of course requires a high level of know-how, which we have gained after years of research and fabrication.

100% organic and vegan

Organic is written with a capital O at Green Hornet CBD. This means that during the fabrication of our CBD products, we utterly refrain from using preservatives, chemical additives or any other synthetic materials. In contrast to many other CBD manufacturers, we do not use any harmful agents such as propylene glycol, glycerine or petroleum.

There is no synthetic manipulation in our products that would falsify the CBD value and drive it upwards. We are 100% natural and genuine.

Furthermore, Green Hornet CBD products are not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients.

Our Experts

We are proud to be able to say that our biochemists and numerous other employees have their roots in the pharmaceutical industry and have worked for various pharmaceutical companies in many countries. They enable us to ensure the quality of our CBD products in accordance with GMP standards. This means that our Green Hornet CBD products, with GMP license, meet uncompromising and high quality standards.

We also have team members with up to 17 years of experience in the cannabis industry who have been instrumental in establishing one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in Europe.

Through this team of experts, we can ensure the best CBD quality.

Proven Quality

All Green Hornet CBD products are tested in governmental laboratories for legal market launch.

In addition, all Green Hornet CBD products are tested by the National Technology Centre for Agrofood and the Institute for Hemp Analysis in Vienna.